Friday, July 21, 2006

Week on the river winds down...

Fourteen Girl Scout Cadets from Camp DeWitt are now fairly accomplished tandem canoeists. Anyone who has learned the art of tandem paddling knows that is no small feat.

Marriages have landed on the rocks from the bickering and acrimonious blame-casting that can occur when the tandem canoe hits the rocks. Usually the male part of the duo, who is invariably paddling stern will try to deflect blame when the boat goes in the wrong direction.

Our group of scouts can now perform all the basic canoe strokes plus a few that most never learn, such as the cross-dufek and low-bracing sweep.

Today we finish up with a run from Byram to Lambertville and today we will fiocus more on self-rescue, which involves in the water exercises. We will also try to outrun the predicted storms.

Next post will feature a few photos from the Camp DeWitt - Rhythms of the River Sojourn.

Then it's back to looking at the many issues surrounding the June flood, including a report on the DRBC hearing which I missed this week.

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