Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Looking forward to sunny skies

As I have said, this blog will stick to river issues. July 4 was an exception, special day that is was. But I do appreciate the comments -- no other post generated so many -- maybe I should consider more....nah! I will leave Senor Arbusto alone for awhile.

The scant political comment that appears here in the future will be limited to that which is directly related to the river. Of course that will inevitabley include commentary and news about politicians of a certain political persuasion whose antics are all about making life easier for the greedy bass turds, at the expense of the rest of us who want to have clean air and water, healthy wetlands and all the rest.

There has been a slight upturn on the Riegelsville gauge, which appears to correspond to the temporary rise on the Lehigh River at Bethlehem.

Oh how we all long for a string of sunny days. If anyone is interested in paddling a stretch of the Musconetcong let me know - probably tomorrow afternoon.

I also plan to paddle the Delaware between Frenchtown and Lamberville to survey flood damage and trash deposits when the river falls below 10'.


WEZY said...

Yo J-boy: Enjoy your muses. Glad U didn't get wiped out by z flood.

rivergeek said...

Thanks Wezy. You guys are up on the hill - fortunately.

Hope to see you soon.