Saturday, July 01, 2006

Preliminary data from DRBC

The Delaware River Basin Commission has posted its "Summary of June 2006 Precipitation Leading Up to Flooding." Now there's a long title. It shows what this blog has been discussing over the past several days - up to 15 inches in the Poconos, headwaters of the Lehigh River, Schuylkill River and Upper Delaware; around 5 inches in the Piedmont watersheds.

They also have a PDF of "Preliminary Crest Heights." Just click on the highlighted text for a speedy trip to those pages.

My last post expressed amazement that the river at Riegelsville has already fallen to 15' yesterday. That is because it was also not true, the gauge was on the fritz. Today it is still reading just over 18'.

The news media has covered this event much more intensly than the prior recent floods. The helicopter traffic yesterday and especially Thursday was incredible. Just before prime time news hour the birds descended on Lambertville-New Hope for their aerial shots. Crews initially reported from Lambertville shore because it was so much easier to access, but yesterday shifted to New Hope.

I will be doing a paddle trip on the river just as soon as it falls below 12 ft. and the bacteria levels fall and gasoline and diesel vapors dissipate.

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