Saturday, July 08, 2006

Below Ten

The Lambertville-New Hope Free Bridge from the No Hope side of the river (Photo provided by Dave Shafer).

The river at Riegelsville has fallen nearly 5' over the past 24 hours (from 12' to about 7.20) although the gauge apparently wigged out for awhile as it showed the river surging up to 35 ft.! Did the Bald Eagle that hangs out around Lynn Is. land on the USGS Gauge's transmitter?

The Lehigh at Lehighton dropped almost 4' overnight, perhaps indicating an end to release from the FE Walter dam. The Lackawaxen is holding steady at around 2.75' indicating a continued release from the lake.

Water quality still isn't great (a visual observation) in the Delaware River but that will continue to improve as the river drops and sediment falls out. Most of the tribs I have seen are clear and running at slightly above mean.

Looks like we are expecting another round of humid weather and thunderstorms next week. The longer we dry out the less impact new precipitation will have on the waterways.

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