Sunday, April 22, 2007

Running the Musconetcong River...

And running we were on Friday, April 20 with the Musky a brisk 3.62' which is well over what we are used to doing. Last trip was 2.10' and while that might not sound like much of a difference, on a small creek or river it is a big difference.

We did the 8-mile stretch between Penwell Dam and Hampton Borough Park in about 2 hours, considerably less time than usual.

Eric Sween, Wally Jenness and Chris Meyers made up the river running party on this sweet spring day. There were no fishermen (this is a major trout stocked river) until the last mile at the Pony Truss Bridge at New Hampton, and Hampton Borough Park. They were lined up and stood in surly silence as we rocked and slashed through some nice waves. I was grateful not to fall in for the boys coming though the breached Imlaydale dam, where the three canoeists among the group all took on some water. Eric, in a Dagger Creek boat (kayak) had a skirt and was dry (from the waist down).

No mishaps and a swell day on the river.

Breaking news: NJDEP is proposing that the Musconetcong River be upgraded to a Category One designation. More on this as the story develops.