Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rivers fall...

Out with the old, in with the new... trash. A Delaware River cleanup is planned for Saturday, June 9. Details forthcoming, or email me to get on the list.

The Delaware River at Riegelsville gage is finally flatlining at 21.37' which is several inches below the 22' flood stage for that gage; a little too close for comfort.

None of the other flood prone locations have flooded along the river, save for a few low-lying spots on river road on the PA side (Rt. 32). The Delaware River at Belvidere gage, which is upstream from the Lehigh River confluence, fell over 5' short of flood stage. At the Montague gage (30 miles above the Water Gap) the river fell about 7' short of flood stage.

Hmmm....the river came close to flooding at Riegelsville and New Hope, but didn't come close to flooding at locations further upriver in the direction of the...NYC reservoirs. Interesting.

Will the river rats... Blame it on the bossa nova?

Here's to a streak of sunny days and warm temps!