Monday, April 16, 2007

River Rising...

Checking the USGS gages up and downriver and fortunately many tributaries, but not all, have crested and begun to fall. The big rivers are all still rising however and that is not good. The precip has tapered off somewhat and is now ice and snow, that will slow the runoff factor.

The Delaware River at Riegelsville is at 16.26' as of 8:56 AM, about 6 feet below flood stage, and still rising. It won't likely crest until tomorrow morning so there may be some minor flooding as it is predicted to crest at 22.05'. The river at Belvidere is around 12.09' and rising, with flood stage at 22.0'.

Notables tribs are Musconetcong River, which rose to about 6.70' (6.0 is flood stage) and has fallen. The Lackawaxen River is just beginning to flatline at 8.96' and the Brodhead Creek is on the way down from 8.25, well short of flood stage at Minisink Hills gage.

The all important Lehigh River, which exerts the greatest influence for those living downstream of the Forks of the Delaware in Easton, is still rising and currently 7.70, but well short of flood stage. However it is enough to exacerbate the situation on the Lower Delaware. The Flat Brook at Flatbrookville is still rising at 9.05' well above the 6.0' flood stage. Good news is there are virtually no homes along that wilderness creek.

The Locatong Creek and is now at 7.84 having been as high as 9.10', over flood stage. The Wickecheoke Creek has also fallen from over 9.0' to 5.32'. Both of these shaly streams go up and down like a yoyo.