Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain Rain go away, come again December

NWS is predicting 1 - 2 " rain today and tonight along with flood watches for creeks in the lower Delaware River Basin (Brandywine, Assunpink and others).

All the streams and rivers basin-wide are running a bit higher than the daily median discharge. The Delaware River at Riegelsville is about 1.5' higher than it was prior to Ernesto. It must fall back to below 5' for the upcoming river cleanups! It may well do that so long as Tropical Depression 6 does not become a hurricane. (Note: As of 11:oo a.m. #6 has become Tropical Storm Florence)

AccuWeather seems to think this may occur.
"The stage is set for the biggest hurricane so far this year. The actors know their parts. Very warm water from the central Atlantic to the Bahamas will play a big role. Another lead character is the existing westerly flow across a segment the central Atlantic. Its part in the play will be short as a big high takes center stage to the north. Factoring all these elements together, there is a strong likelihood that Tropical Depression 6 will be a Category 2 or 3 hurricane later this week."

Yesterday I was joined by Sherry Maclean and Eric Sween for a sweet run down the Musconetcong River between Hampton and Bloomsbury. The Musky was just high enough at 2.25'. It is a bit scratchy at that level, but hey, Sherry and I were in Erics fiberglass barge. We chased a pair of osprey down the river below Asbury. Much solitude and seclusion on this stretch of water. Restores the soul.

The US Congress is coming back into session this week and we are hoping they get the Musconetcong National Wild and Scenic River designation bill out to the president's desk befoe the end of the month. (See July 24 journal entry for more details)

Stay dry!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.  We were up in Vermont, trying to decide whether to drive home in order to prepare for a flood.  Thanks to this, I was able to enjoy my weekend in Vermont.

Hope all is well.

rivergeek said...

Yes, well maybe we will get through the year with no more flooding on the Delaware River, or its tributaires!