Friday, September 29, 2006

Once again...

Operation River Bright will take place October 7

River cleanup vols will pass by the Nockamixon cliffs between Riegelsville & Upper Black Eddy.

The postponement of the September 30 date may turn out to be a smart move afterall as the storm last night dumped heavy rain on the Poconos.

The gage at Riegelsville is at 4.63 this morning and heading upwards. Pocono streams such as the Bushkill, Brodhead and Lackawaxen are all still rising.

Looking forward to a run of chilly but mostly dry weather this weekend and into next week.

From the Pocono Record:
Reservoirs in N.Y. plan immediate drawdown
Agreement expected to mitigate Delaware floods
Dan Berrett
Pocono Record Writer
September 28, 2006
WEST TRENTON, N.J. — The governing body that monitors the Delaware River agreed on Wednesday to immediately lower water levels in the three upstate New York reservoirs that feed the river.

The Delaware River Basin Commission authorized a "trigger mechanism" that would be in effect from now until May 31, 2007. It would mandate regular releases from the Cannonsville, Pepacton and Neversink reservoirs when their combined storage levels reach 80 percent.

Keeping the reservoirs below 80% will mean a few inches less of floodwaters, which could be meaningful for some property owners. Unfortunately too many people operate under the illusion that flooding can be controlled or stopped by better management of the water supply reservoirs.

There is only one indisputable truth that we can count on:
Floodplains flood.


Eric Sween said...

Hey John, Your bio disappeared from the blog. Was this intentional ? Appreciate the updates on the river. - Eric

rivergeek said...

Not sure I understand. I just looked and it is still there. It is a very scaled down bio, I admit.

What happens when you click on "View My entire profile" ?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Nothing appeared to the right of the text about the river clean up and picture. No links or anything. Looks fine today. Maybe there was something crossed up in my browser. Glad no action needed.

Anonymous said...

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