Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Delaware River schedule


Where: Bulls Island State Park boat launch

When: Registration is 8:30 AM this Saturday (23rd) at Bulls Is. We aim to be done and eating pizza by 1:30 PM

What to expect: Wet feet. This is a RAIN or SHINE event!

What to bring: your own equipment (PFDs must be worn while on or in the water)

What we provide: Snacks (granola bars), bottled water, work gloves (choice of rubber or cotton), trash bags, lunch (pizza)

Strongly Recommended: Sturdy shoes, long pants, extra clothing

I am 98% sure that the weather and river level will allow the September 23 river cleanup to proceed (knock wood). The Delaware rose to 9’ last weekend and we need the river to fall at or below 5’. It needs to drop another foot or so, and it almost certainly will given the rain-free forecast. There is a slight chance of showers in the Saturday forecast but this event will go as planned unless we have a monsoon!

PLEASE NOTE: Right now it looks like this Saturday’s cleanup will be more than adequately staffed. HOWEVER we are lacking volunteers for the September 30 cleanup between Riegelsville and Upper Black Eddy – a more traditional downriver cleanup.

This Saturday we plan to launch at Bulls Island SP and work the shorelines of NJ & PA down to Hendricks Island. A trash dumpster, which was provided by the Delaware Canal State Park (PA DCNR), will be located at Virginia Forrest recreational area, which is adjacent to the top of the island. Most of us will be taking out there. FYI: Virginia Forrest has toilet facilities, so folks can take a bathroom break as needed.

Please plan to be at the registration on time so that you can do the shuttle and be back on time for a brief safety and logistics talk before launching (planned for 10:15 AM). Shuttle arrangements will be made on the fly. Those of you with vans or larger vehicles can hopefully bring folks back up to the put-in.

Details about the September 30 river cleanup will be posted next week.

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