Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh no...much needed rain but...

This just in from Wonderground!

"... Potential for severe thunderstorms today and very heavy rain over the next three days...

Showers and thunderstorms were scattered across the area this morning... but later today... some may be accompanied by damagingwinds... hail and very heavy rainfall. A cold front that passed to our south will return today as a warm front. The air ahead of it will be stable... but behind it increasingly unstable. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to form along the boundary and develop into some very strong storms. Damaging winds... hail... torrential
rains and even the possibility of a tornado could very well happen this afternoon and evening.

Please stay tuned for additional forecasts and listen in the event a severe thunderstorm or Tornado Watch is issued later today. Once a watch is issued... it is just a matter of watching the Doppler radar for storm development and issuing appropriate County

Over the next couple of days the dry conditions that have existed for much of August will be replaced by torrential downpours. Although a general two inch rain amount could occur over a wide area... there may be some isolated locations that receive four to five inches as thunderstorms move over the same spot. It has been so dry of late that it will take about three inches in one hour to cause flooding on some larger streams... but less is needed on the smaller streams that can turn into a flash flood in a hurry.

Once again... stay tuned for additional information."

Oh, you can count on that.

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