Tuesday, June 27, 2006


There is a forecasted crest of the Delaware River in Rieglesville at a level of between 32 and 34 feet. They expect crest early Thurs am. This will come close to or maybe even exceed the devastating flood of April 2005.

The difference between Belvidere gauge and Riegelsville is really significant - nearly SIX FEET!

And the difference can be explained in 2 words - Lehigh River. The Poconos have been pounded for days. The Schuylkill River headwaters are adjacent to the Lehigh and the Schuylkill may exceed its record flood (Hurricane Agnes - 1972). Fortunately that will not impact the Delaware.

But the Lehigh continues to rise, and with the new wave of storm cells, our Piedmont tribs may begin to contribute to the problem.

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