Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mid-Day Report

The Delaware River at Riegelsville reads 29.01' and that puts it on the predicted track to reach 30' by 2:00 PM. It will likely reach at least 35' by dusk, as predicted. The Lehigh at Lehighton is receding and the Lehigh at Bethlehem is just beginning to recede, which is good news for the Delaware, a first step. But the Delaware still may not begin to recede until tomorrow morning (approx 8AM). There is still an 8' gap between the river at Belvidere and Riegelsville. The Lackawaxen at Hawley has also just started to recede. It is way over flood stage.

The USGS server is very slow and the NOAA Hydrologic Forecast System does not work well - about 50% of attempts to access have failed. They have an online comment section, on which I reported the problems. This new system is UTTERLY USELESS if it can't be accessed when it is needed. Anyone else having difficulty? Please let me know. I can bring this up with the folks at DRBC and NOAA.

Spole with Mayor Rackin of Stockton this morning, he is ordering evacuation at 1:00 PM.

Just got back from Frenchtown and Rt. 29 is closed at Wickecheoke in Stockton and at the unpronounceable creek in Frenchtown. Frenchtown Bridge is closed, others will soon follow except for Rt. 202 toll, I-95, Rt. 22 etc.

This will go down as one of the most unusual floods, in that all the others have been associated with snow and ice melt or hurricanes. The No Name Flood? I spent a few minutes at the Frenchtown Bridge speaking with Mayor Sworen and locals. Some are already searching for something (or somebody) to blame for this event. The usual suspects? Reservoir releases and upstream development. I am blaming Bush.

Where will the No Name Flood of '06 fit in?

Historical Crests

(1) 38.85 ft (1955 - August 20)
(2) 35.90 ft (1903 - October 10)
(3) 34.07 ft (2005 - April 3
(4) 32.45 ft (1936 - March 19)
(5) 30.95 ft (2004 - September 19)


Anonymous said...

Belvidere bridge was closed at noon. Riverton road noth of the bridge in PA was closed at 10:30 am. Water is over the guard rails.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe this could have been accomplished by Bush alone. More likely it was Halliburton, or possibly Halle Berry.