Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A slight reprieve

Yes! Small consolation for many unfortunate people, but the last post seems to be true, the predicted crest has been downgraded by about 4' (32'). So instead if 36' -- or two feet higher than April 05 -- it might crest at 32' or 33'. Regardless, this will end up as either numero 3 or 4 all time.

Of course, it is majorly humid out there, which could foretell some more heavy downpours, and a whole new spike.

I am trying to stay optimistic in the face of one of the most devastating floods in history. There are so many topics to write about but this will be the main story for the next several weeks.

Tomorrow, a tour upriver and some flood photos. And discussion of river cleanups already in the works.

Also, this is a rare event in that the flooding is not caused by snow melt, ice jams, or a hurricane. It is really reminiscent of Hurricane Agnes (1972). That is the flood of record for the Schuylkill and Susquehanna (and my home creek the Perkiomen). The Poconos and other mountain ranges saw up to five tomes the amount of rainfall than the piedmont region.

That is a huge topic of interest to be explored once the data is all in.

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Anonymous said...

Belvidere level -
5:45 am - 26.58 ft
8:15 am - 26.96 ft

Currently a few inches below residents unofficial mark of April '05 level here.

Still rising but might be getting near crest.
CFS on guages upstream are now lower than at Belvidere. CFS had been reading higher upstream.