Wednesday, June 28, 2006

News from upriver

Here is a message from the Classical Guitar Duo Laura Oltman and Michael Newman who reside on River Road in Pohatcong Twp., just above Riegelsville. Thanks Laura and Michael for valuable info.

Dear friends,

Very bad news this morning at 6:28 am. The river is now expected to rise to
36 feet at Riegelsville, which is 2 feet higher than the flood in April
2005. At that time, we had 6 feet of water in our basement. If
predictions hold, we will come very close to lapping at the floor joists,
but we may be safe for the first floor.

Most of our neighbors will be devastated. Here is the page we have been

If you go to it and leave it up, you must refresh it from time to time for
the latest forecasts.

Check out this site, too: (note: you are already there!)

Here is the phone number direct to the Riegelsville Gauge:
908-995-4739 (listen after the long tone)

What we have heard Wednesday AM:
21.37 at 2:24 am

21.45 at 3:24 am

21.67 at 4:08 am

24.32 at 7:24 am

New Forecast from NOAA as of 6:28 am:
30 feet at 2:00 PM Wednesday
35 feet at 8:00 PM Wednesday
36 feet at 2:00 AM Thursday
36 feet at 8:00 AM Thursday
35 feet at 2:00 PM Thursday
30 feet at 2:00 AM Friday

April 2005 was 34.07 feet
August 1955 was 38.85 feet


Anonymous said...

Cooks Creek is about to skirt the underside of the Stout's Valley Road Bridge. Cooks has risen about a foot since 6 AM, and has not yet crested.

Anonymous said...

Belvidere gauge was updated at 9:30 am - 20.51 ft
(flood is 22 ft). River has started to come over Riverton Road above Belvidere bridge (PA).


rivergeek said...

Thanks for those updates.

I am walking down to the ribver to see if New Hope is still visible, and will come back and make a report and feature a pic of Cooks Creek