Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Waters on the rise...

An active Flood Watch Advisory is on for all but the largest rivers due to predicted 2-3 inches of rain. Right now many of the direct tribs to the lower Delaware River are running at or slightly below normal. The Musconetcong at Bloomsbury is running at 1.94 ft. (223 CFS) and the Tohickon Creek at Pipersville is right at normal flow. On the other hand, further up the watershed the Flatbrook at Flatbrookville is well above normal, so they're received more precip in extreme northwest NJ.

Then too some of the higher elevations may be having significant snow melt and that could explain the huge spike on the big Pocono stream. Brodhead Creek at Minisink has risen a foot this afternoon. PP&L is releasing water from Lake Wallenpaupack as evidenced by the big spikes on the Lackawaxen River.

The most important influence for those of us who live along the Delaware River below Easton is the Lehigh River and it's at a normal level (2280 CFS). The ground is wet, perhaps not quite saturated but that won't take too long. If 3 inches of rain falls in the Poconos and Catskills the Lehigh and Schuylkill and even the
Delaware could all rise to near bank full.

I seems likely that many of the creeks and smaller rivers will flood. This will be a good paddling winter. Hopefully there won't be too much water. This river valley has had enough.