Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fly Ash Spill...

Back in in August 2005 we suffered a coal ash slurry spill of about 100 million gallons from a breached lagoon at the PP&L Martins Creek power plant, located on the PA side of the Delaware River. It was horrible. The river turned gray all the way to the bay. The worst of the fly ash settled into the pools and eddies between Martins Creek and Sandts Eddy, only to be swept down to the bay and Atlantic Ocean by the three major floods that ocurred after the spill.

This toxic ash spill in the Emory River is about five times worse and is occurring in a smaller stream. It's truly sickening.

Wikipedia has this to say
about the Emory River, and it's quite a legacy.

The Knoxvillebiz.com says:

HARRIMAN — Emory River is impassable between mile markers 0.0 to 4.2 because of a mudslide from Monday’s breach of TVA’s Kingston steam plant ash retention pond.

The U.S. Coast Guard this afternoon advised all boaters that the debris is blocking the channel in Roane County.

“This creates a hazardous condition, and all boaters and maritime interests should not transit this area,” the Coast Guard said in a press release.