Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Back to "Church"...

Shooting a pic with the cell phone while paddling one-handed is always a thrill.

'Spin awhile since I've visited a place of worship, so to speak. Getting out on the water is my idea of a spiritual experience.

The Tohickon Creek is a lovely stream, even at 2.50 ft. and 300 CFS. Red shale cliffs, deep woods, colonial era barns, mills and houses and mostly swift moving water make this one of my favorite paddling destinations.

Chris Meyers and I did the 8-mile run in 2.5 hours including lunch break. We both enjoyed the creek at this level, not as pushy as it can be during the official dam releases.

The weather will turn sharply colder and I'll be hanging up the canoe paddles for a while, or until we get another spate of 40 degree plus weather.