Saturday, May 19, 2007

UN Trip Year 15

#1) We have lots of FUN. Gene Berliner tries to figure out how to get to his canoe, which was suspended from a tree overnight, and surrounded by poison ivy. Prior year Berliner organized a group that put Walter's canoe on top of the portapottie.

#2) Getting set for the United Nations International School canoe trip.


This week I'll be canoeing in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area with 120 thirteen year old students from the United Nations International School. I organized this trip 15 years ago for the school on behalf of Delaware Riverkeeper, and it has become the right-of-passage for students entering the 9th grade.

We typically have about 34 nationalities represented each year. 120 kids means 60 canoes to monitor, instruct, rescue etc. (not including the 8 teachers). Forty-five miles in three days and two nights camping in bear country! (Dingmans Ferry to Portland PA.)

I say we because there are about 8 teachers and perhaps 16 safety personnel. Two of us (Gene Beliner and me) have been on the trip 14 out of 15 times since it began in 1992. It was my first major task when I came to work for Delaware Riverkeeper.

Sometime before the end of May I will be posting a story.