Monday, May 14, 2007

Falling Waters...

Photo courtesy of Leona Fluck depicting a dumpster in the river near Minisink Island.

According to the Riegelsville gage the river has fallen to 4.57, about normal for May 14. Tributaries like the Musconetcong River and Tohickon Creek are running at or just below normal.

This is all good. Flood threats are over but the topic is still hot all along the river valley from Hancock to Trenton.

The Delaware River Basin Commission has a new publication called "Water Supply Reservoirs and Flood Protection" available online that is purported to debunk the myths that have been accepted as truth about why the last three floods occured (the reservoirs did it). I haven't had time to read through it, but then I already know that these homespun theories being spun by self-described river rats are BS. One of these days I will write the definitive one page myth debunking piece. ONE OF THESE DAYS.