Sunday, May 06, 2007

Trash Reconnaisance on the Delaware...

#1) Wally heads to the left bank of the Delaware River to check out a typical collection of trash. #2) Eric gazes up at an untypical construction fence. Similar materials can be found 30 feet up in sycamore trees.


Eric, Wally, Jennifer and Jonathan join Sharon and me for the 10-mile stretch of river betwen Phillipsburg and Riegelsville. Main purpose was to get a feel for how the recent high water has changed the location and degree of trashiness along the river.

The Almost Flood of April '07 swept away some of the eddy trash, which has presumably lodged in trees and shrubs somewhere between Riegelsville and Cape May. Many areas are still blighted by all things plastic, from shopping bags to water bottles. We'll do a second recon of this river segment to make more detailed plans. One focus will be the sand and gravel islands below the Rt. 78 bridge.

Although this trip had a serious purpose, it was a releaxing and beautiful run, despite the occasional 25 mph winds. It was Arkansas native(s) Jennifer and Jonathan's first trip on the Delaware and that made it all the more more rewarding for the teacher in me.