Friday, August 15, 2008

Ominous warning...

Meteorologists are raising the possibility of a significant hurricane coming our way next week, based on a system coming together near the Virgin Islands. If it develops we''ll have Tropical Storm Fay.

From AccuWeather's Joe Bastardi (not the most coherent post I've seen - he's absolutely agitated by this potential storm)

"The system continues to improve, and I will keep this short. I believe a major, perhaps devastating (worst, southeast U.S. hurricane is in the making and, while the track will be close to the coast of Hispaniola, a turn to the north through the Bahamas by Monday, just east of Florida, with a hit midweek in the Carolinas, is where I am going with this. The track after the Carolinas... well, the the [sic] of it breaking the ridge and coming all the way to New England is there, and the blocking and turn west-northwest into the Carolinas is also."

He goes on to say that it's much too early to tell, but what the hell. And he says they were wrong about the last prediction.