Friday, December 01, 2006

Welcome winter-like weather...

It's about time we get some cold weather and by golly it is finally upon us. Unfortunately it will be a bit too cold to paddle early next week, but there are other things to do like visit my mom, practice with the blues band and plan how to make some extra income this coming year.

If I can get out for two more river trips it's possible to pass 400 miles for the year. If not, there is always next year, but with the REAL JOB the bar will be lowered to 300 miles for 2007.

I was excited to see a few comments on my last post, but alas, it was merely junkmail solicitation. How desperate can they be? I know my blog looks like it might be widely read, but it isn't.



Kathleen Connally said...

Hi, John!

I am not a fool! :) I read your blog and thought I'd say hello and introduce myself.

I live in Durham Township, about 1.5 miles west of the Delaware River, about three miles from the Riegelsville Bridge.

I'm a photographer; I run a popular photoblog featuring photography of the area. If you have some time, check it out.

My site is popular around the world, but relatively unknown in the area, and that's ok with me. I'll have about 6 million page views this year.

I can't quite remember how I found out about your site - perhaps it was through Friends of the Canal. In any case, I enjoy reading about your activities and the status of the river during storms.

I'd love to take some photos of you 'at work' along the river, whether it's kayaking or canoeing, cleaning up, assessing the situation -- or anything else you might have in mind. Let me know if that's a possibility sometime.

If we get a nice shot, I'll feature it on my site and it'll definitely bring some traffic your way. :)

Even if you don't want to do the portrait thing, I'm happy to make some photographic contribution toward what you're doing. Your work is very important.

Thanks for the excellent job - what you're doing is great. The blog is wonderful and I really enjoy my visits here.

All the best!

rivergeek said...

Hi Kathleen

Thanks for posting a comment on Delaware River Journal, and for the kind words.

I certainly know who you are through your work. I believe you had some photos hanging at the Indian Rock, a place I used to frequent before moving from Kintnersville to Lambertville. Also, an acquaintance from the same place put me on to your website some time ago, but I didn't bookmark it and I haven't visited for several months.

The deep appreciation and love you have for the place you live really comes through - it speaks to me and resonates within.

I am more inclined to believe in happenstance and the randomness of life, than in some grand design or plan.

You just happened to get in touch on the day that I clarified which book I want to do.

For lack of a better title: A FAMILY OF RIVERS

I want to tell the river's story and the perspective is the View From the Canoe. The story tells about the relationships between the natural and cultural landscapes in the river valley including selected tributary members of the Delaware family of waterways.

That's as far as I have gotten with planning. Haven't decided on what type of book but it would be heavy on images.

I wonder if you would be interested in discussing that project with me. I have at least one other collaborator in mind - a photographer, who also happens to be my big brother, literally speaking. He is a great photographer and teaches at the Art Institute of Philly. He is more known for urban landscapes, but he has a great eye.


Anyway, I am responding positively to your desire to "make some photographic contribution toward what you're doing." At the very least we could do a river trip or two.

katsai said...

hey John :)
I read your post too and thought i'd say hi ;P

I'm pretty new to blogging, and put one of those sitemeter things on (saw other people had them and i wanted one... easily lead, call me "sheep"!) and i see people visit my blog, but not many post comments. The worst of all are my family! They all visit my blog regularly, but not one has left a comment... they'd rather send me an email or chat on the phone! I suppose its a habit thing, you either "comment" or you don't ;P

Take care and happy rowing ;P