Monday, November 27, 2006

Four hours on the Musconetcong...

That's what Eric, Wally and I did today, and that includes a leisurely lunch by Penwell Mill.

The above pics: Wally and Eric (kayak) pose in front of the Kings Highway Bridge. Much improved over the previous structure in every way. Pic #2 is the Pollution farm alluded to in the previous post. It is the single greatest source of pollution to the Musconetcong River. I'd rather see a housing development any day.

Beattystown to Hampton is about 12 miles of mostly swift current. Swiftly moving stream is reputedly what the Lenape called this river. It was running around 2.64' at Bloomsbury, and that is a perfect level.

This is such a fun stretch of water, it moves right along, but easy class one moving water allows for lots of sightseeing and there is so much to see -- natural and cultural beauty in abundance.


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rivergeek said...

Can you believe these assholes?

Scrounging for customers on my lowly blog, mein godt!

Joe P. said...

Oh, I dunno... I always think that the farm a coupla miles above Bloomsbury on the lower Musky is way worse for pollution.

rivergeek said...


Not even close

besides...that farm is not even operating