Friday, September 17, 2010


I've been too busy and way distracted to maintain this blog but will get back to it. Since the last post over a month ago I've moved to the Lehigh Valley, paddled just once on the Delaware River, began working for the Appalachian Mountain Club, visited the Lower Susquehanna in Lancaster and York counties, started a Feasibility Study for the 150 mile PA Highlands Trail, split up with Sharon, lost 5 pounds of useless ugly fat and an ounce of formerly useful...sanity.

Hey if you're a resident of Pennsyltucky consider going to the rally in Harrisburg. If you haven't been there for awhile it's a pretty nice town with great Susquehanna river front. Lobby the pols for a SEVERANCE TAX on gas drilling operations and more enviro protections.

Or give your reps a call or visit. If the legislation doesn't pass the state parks and open space protection will be in deep doodoo!

Tomorrow I'm heading up to the Mohican Center to hike the Appalachian Trail, look for rattlesnakes (will settle for copperheads), play the piano at the lodge and commune with the black bears. Hope to post some pics in a few days.

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