Sunday, September 06, 2009

Full Moon on the River...

Heading down the Delaware River on the full moon paddle.

Joined a small group of canoeists and kayakers for a Thursday evening full moon trip between the Kingwood access and Bulls Island State Park. We put in as the sun was going down and by the time we took out the moon was well up in the sky casting its magical light over the river.

One remarkable aspect of the moonlight paddling experience was the enhanced olfactory experience, which I assume was due to the limited ability to see anything until the moon rose over the mountain. There was the faint breeze carrying lovely herbal scents up the river and of course the earthy bouquet of the river was part of the mix. We also heard some freaky night sounds that I had difficulty identifying. One sounded perhaps like a wading bird, the other likely a fox.

The moonlight trip was a special treat, an amazing experience really. We saw but one other boater out there and that was right at the end of the trip. Two guys in a motor boat were wrapping up their fishing trip as we took our canoes out at around 10 PM.