Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Return to Below Normal...

It was a nice soaker and put a big dent in the water deficit that's been steadily building, but the recent day-long storm left us with at least a 4.00" deficit. That's reflected in the response from creeks and rivers around the Delaware River Basin; most up to be sure, but they fell right back down to below the seasonal median flow.

The Musconetcong River was back up close to normal flow (300 CFS) on Saturday but has since fallen back below 200 CFS. I attended the Musconetcong Watershed Association's open haus for the new River Resource Center on Saturday and reconnected with several comrades from the part of my career known as the Musky Era (1997-2004 RIP). That was seven years of 'all things Musconetcong' 24/7. The RRC is stunning, check it out. (the link goes to their website - it hasn't been updated yet)

The Delaware River came up a little but it is still a bit below the norm for this time of year. The storm did wonders for the flora and it perked up the small streams and vernal pools, but we still have a thirsty bunch of aquifers.

The Delaware Valley Division - American Canoe Association's annual Upper Delaware River Camp & Paddle is coming up first weekend in May. It takes place at Landers Campground in Narrowsburg NY. Free for ACA members - $40 for non-members but that gets you an ACA membership. It's a great campground situated in the prettiest town on the New York side of the upper river valley. My favorite part of the the weekend (besides paddling through Skinners falls and Coolang Rapids) is the potluck dinner under the pavilion.

If you don't like camping there are reasonable places to stay near the campground in Narrowsburg or downriver in Lackawaxen, PA.

Go to the DVD-ACA website for details and registration info.