Sunday, October 26, 2008

Excellent fall river trip...

Sunny blue skies and a perked up river made for the ultimate fall colors river trip.

The much needed rain overlain upon the lake release gave us perfect conditions for the Hampton to Bloomsbury stretch of the Musconetcong River. The brilliant sunshine and warm temps made for a memorable day with a dozen paddlers who came out for the second Musconetcong Watershed Association canoe trip.

The river level was dropping all day but was at 2.38' when we paddled by the USGS Stream Gage at Bloomsbury (it was 2.85' early in the morning and 2.45' when we launched).

We had two sets of tandem canoeists, one solo canoe (me) and and seven solo kayakers.

Highlight of the trip was a brief tour of the Musconetcong WA's River Resource Center, which is under construction. President Bill Leavens filled everyone in on the many hoops involved with obtaining a LEEDS certification - the ultimate blessing from the Gods of Green.