Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hannah cross is coming to town...

It looks like we'll receive at least a few inches of rain this weekend if Hurricane Hannah proceeds as expected. Although anything can happen - there is universal agreement among various models that it will roll up the coast and move through pretty quickly once the high collapses. The Outer Banks is the projected landfall location at this hour. That line keeps moving north?

The Tropical Wave Train foretells what could become a troublesome hurricane season. Fay-Gustav-Hannah-Ike-Josephine it's a veritable Conga Line and forecasters think most of the action will be in the Atlantic instead of the Gulf. As stated below, we need rain, but a few droughts have been alleviated by wicked storms that resulted in flooding for various watersheds from Bound Brook to New Hope.

This time next week we will probably have a good idea of what to expect at the tail end of the Conga line.

This weekend is the first Northeast Canoe & Kayak Symposium to be held at Spruce Run Reservoir. I'll be at the American Canoe Association booth on Saturday (during the monsoon?).

The Lake Hopatcong release has not started as of today. The Delaware River and Musconetcong River are both about as low as can be. I love paddling the Delaware at this level, but if I don't get out there befroe the weekend the river may never be that low again until the next dry summer.