Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Musconetcong in March...

How could we resist a 3.22' water level on the river at Bloomsbury? No trip would be complete without some fortifying duct tape on the Howler's old beat-up hull (above).

Eric S and Chris M joined JB on a 12-mile run between Beattystown and Hampton Borough Park. I'm keeping their last names secret so they won't be picked up by Homeland Security. This stretch of the Musconetcong is a perky class one & two stretch of the river that features a nice mix of national historic structures and mixed hemlock-hardwood forest.

The Point Mountain Section is incredibly secluded and scenic, but after that the riparian areas are punctuated by extraordinarily degraded farmland. Two farms in particular contribute an estimated 50% of all the fecal coliform in the river. They are the Mannon Farm in Mansfield Township and the Miller Farm in Washington Township (pictured below). Both are located in Warren Counnty. YeeHah!

This was a really relaxing canoe trip despite the last minute impromptu swim by one of our party. Bringing in the sunken cargo-laden canoe was a challenge. Truly, we followed that boat at least 400 yards before we could get it on the shore.