Monday, August 20, 2007

Normal flow and abnormal weather...

I lived in the CABIN for 7 years, 7 months and 7 days. It still stands along the Perkiomen Creek in Montgomery County, PA, and is situated on a SERIOUS floodplain. I sat on my porch for the duration of the #6 record flood, and watched as my car bobbed while tethered to a tree. Still dream about the cabin, and the scent of Atlantic Cedar is a powerful olfactory-based memory trigger.

Really, with all these clouds and coolness one might expect a boost in the flow of the rivers and creeks, but everything is running near normal for this time of year with the Riegelsville gage at 3.50'.

That's OK, we need the rain and it would take a substantial amount to move the gages upward.

Is there a scientific peer review group analyzing the BS claims of the self-described "river rats?" You know... the "reservoirs did it" crowd. I'll never tell. Not this month at least.

I am hoping to meet some folks on the Upper Delaware tomorrow night, camp out and do the sweet 10.5 run from Jerry's Campground to Matamoras. I'll be doing a repeat of that on my own with some friends on September 8. It's about time as I haven't been up there for a few years except for the Lackawaxen River trips.

I suddenly realized that posts on this blog have been even more sparse than ever, but it's summer and I am busy as hell with the vineyard gig and working for the Sourland Mountain folks. Things are kind of quiet on the river.

A paddling buddy asked me what happened to the comment section on this blog. I told him that it was hardly ever used, except by the ocassional dull-witted conservative banana Republican and of course spamsters and hucksters of sexual enhancement products. My email address can be found here. Enough said.

I may be elected President of the Delaware Valley Division of the American Canoe Association next month. They have one foot in the grave. Electing me is like a one legged man shooting himself in the foot. Well, if this election comes to pass, I intend to do everything in my power to invigorate this Board of Directors; ain't going to be easy, but there are some good new folks coming on board.

Meanwhile, my tenure as an at-large delegate on the national BOD of the American Canoe Association is nothing short of wild and crazy. We're involved in an uber contentious move to relocate the ACA headquarters to one of three locations. That decision has been made and the results of the vote will be annouced to the BOD TODAY.