Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One last time...for 2006

Yes...sometimes I answer the cell while on the water, especially when I know the call is about "what's for dinner?"

Eric hangs under the Stover Mill, one of the most awesome mills on any river in die welt.

Eric S., Wally J. and I convened for an impromptu trip down the Delaware between Frenchtown and Byram last Saturday afternoon, squeezing in one more run for 2006. Never believed we would have so many late-in-the-year opportunties made possible by the balmy weather conditions.

This was a sunny, albeit windy day (headwind of course) and we shared the river with no one, except a few shore fishermen hunkered down by their campfire in front of the Point Pleasant pumping station.

What a beautiful day on the river. This stretch is so beautiful, not that there are any river segments that aren't beautiful, but this stretch is not trash strewn like the P-burg to Riegelsville section. I ended up with a few more miles than expected, but many fewer than planned. Total is somewhere between 400 and 500 miles. Time to go through the river journal and tally.